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White Vinyl Window & Door Trim 96″

Sku: VS39WM801


$10.09 $10.09

White Window and Door Vinyl Molding 96″ long with 1 1/2″ flange

Replacing a mobile home door or window? You don’t have to remove vinyl siding to replace the door or window with this door and window trim. Just trim back the vinyl siding to expose the door or window flange. Remove nails, staples, or screws in the flange and pull out the door or window.

Once the door/window is removed, remove and clean around the opening. Install door and window trim flush to with the opening, sliding under and over vinyl siding. Tack molding flange with small nails to hold it in place until the door/window is installed.

The vinyl window and door trim are 96″ long with a 1 1/2″ flange. For easy and inexpensive shipping, we will cut molding to your measurements.

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Weight 1.5 lbs

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