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AirSeal 33 Duct Mastic Sealer with Fiber 10.5 oz.Tube

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AirSeal 33 is a UL 181 A-M and B-M Listed Fiber Reinforced Water Based Duct Sealant in a 10.5 oz.tube.

Polymer Adhesive AirSeal 33 Duct Mastic in easy to use 10.5 oz. tube is a fast-drying fibered reinforced duct sealant that goes on smoothly and dries quickly. This mastic has exceptional adhesion formulated to pressure seal all types of HVAC ducts ans systems, including sheet metal, fiberglass duct board and flexible ducts. It also has excellent mold and mildew resistance. This mastic can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications and cures to a tough, flexible film.

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Weight1.5 lbs