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1/8″x 2″x 30 ft Black Foam Insulation Tape

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1/8″x 2″x 30’Black Foam Insulation Tape

Foam insulation tape is a flexible, multi-use pressure sensitive tape used in a number of commercial and industrial applications, primarily as a insulator.

This 1/8″x 2″x 30′ insulation roll is made of 1/8″thick, lightweight black colored closed cell polyethylene foam with a high quality double coated adhesive on one side.

Foam insulation tape is self adhesive and easy to cut or bend. It provides a quick and easy solution to insulating pipes. The mold-ability of the product allows foam insulation tape to be easily manipulated around valves and fittings. A good insulator and air seal for mobile home “A” coils when installed on top of furnace.

Foam insulation tape features high temperature resistance, low water absorption, low moisture vapor transmission, good buoyancy, excellent thermal insulation and chemical resistance.

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