White 12’Window Glazing Strips

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$6.67 $6.67

Plastic Glazing Trims Out Replacement Glass. 12′ lengths. White Color.

Replaces white plastic molding around glass after replacing glass in mobile home aluminum  windows. 12 Foot long. Will cut to size to reduce shipping cost.

Size:  144″Long x 9/16″face x 7/16″Tall

This plastic glazing will replace most types on the market. However, if your not sure, please e-mail us with your name and address and request a sample. we will mail you a small sample of our plastic glazing.  Then, if your sure it’s what you want, place your order. Remember, the glazing strips are 12 foot long. To avoid high shipping cost, we can cut to order. Just e-mail your measurements to us and we will cut per your measurements. You may have to  trim to fit, so be sure to allow a little extra in your measurements.

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Weight1 lbs