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Thermoplastic 1 1/2″to 3″ Roof Vent Pipe Flashing

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Black Plastic No-Caulk Roof Flashing for 1 1/2″- 3″ Vent Pipe

Thermoplastic black flashings are the top choice for professional roofers because they are built to last. Superior UV and weather protection. Flashings are guaranteed to last the lifetime of the current roof system. Convenient and efficient on the job. The flexible elastic collars on the flashing are tested to withstand UV and weather extremes.

* Thermoplastic hard base with elastic collar
* Fits any roof pitch to 45 degrees
* UL and weather resistance
* Collar heat tested
* Flashing fits 1 1/2″to 3″vent pipe
* Lies flat,won’t warp
* Life of the roof warranty

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Weight1.5 lbs