Peel & Seal 6″ x 33′

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Peel & Seal™ 6″ x 33′

Original Peel & Seal Self-Stick Aluminum Roll Roofing. Peel & Seal is a multi Purpose weatherproofing material. Apply in fair weather at temperatures above 60 degrees. A minimum slope of 1/2″ per foot is required. Peel & Seal may be applied directly to roof decks including wood, metal, masonry and existing smooth asphalt roofs.

– Waterproof and weatherproof

– Sticks to most surfaces

– Aluminum surface reflects heat & reduces energy costs

– Low cost, labor saving, easy to handle

– Tough and durable, puncture and abrasion resistant

– Stretches to allow for building movement

– Requires no coating for exposure to sunlight

– For roofing, waterproofing, patching and repair and hundreds of other uses


Peel & Seal is easily installed by removing the release paper and pressing the aluminized membrane into place. Peel & Seal can be cut to fit using scissors or a razor knife. Peel & Seal adheres to the deck and to itself when overlapped. When overlapping the product, 3″ side laps and 6″ end laps are required.


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