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KILZ ORIGINAL Interior 13 Oz. Spray Primer

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Kilz Original 13 Oz. White Aerosol Spray Interior Primer

A Powerful fast-drying white stain-blocking formula that blocks most heavy interior stains including water, smoke, tannin, ink, pencil, felt marker, grease and also seals pet, food and smoke odors. Convenient aerosol is ideal for small paint projects and spot priming interior surfaces including wood, drywall, plaster, paneling, wallpaper, masonry, brick, painted metal and properly sanded and prepared glossy surfaces. Not recommended for mold or mildew-prone surfaces or flooring.

* Quick drying-recoat in 1 hour
* Blocks smoke and water stains
* Ideal for use on interior surfaces
* Seals odors including pets and smoke
* Ideal base coat for latex or oil-base paints
* White pigmented
* 13 Oz. Aerosol Spray

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