Cartridge Fuse 20Amp Time Delay (Midget)

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20 Amp Time Delay Cartridge Fuse ( Slow Blow) Small

A time delay fuse is also sometimes known as a slow blow fuse. The purpose of this type of fuse is to allow a surge in electricity for a short time before the fuse actually blows. To many people, this sounds like a bad idea. However, its beneficial and actually much safer for certain types of electrical appliances.

If more power is being drawn than there should be, the fuse blows. Traditional fuses use a mechanism similar to a light bulb. A thin wire is used in the fuse, which is the right size for the amount of current being drawn. If any more is drawn then the fuse will burn out and blow, resulting in a dead circuit.

In a time delay fuse, part of the fuse works like a normal fuse that has the burnout link, but in addition to this, there is a short connector that has a spring attached to it. This spring is soldered onto the fuse wire. This can cope with an overload of 100 or even 200% of the normal load without causing any harm to the elements.

Size’ 1/2″ x  2″

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