Frame Clamp For Longitudinal Frame Ties

Sku: 202047


Use when longitudinal frame ties are required. Complete with one bottom steel plate, two steel side plates for I-Beam and four bolt with nuts. Twelve per case or one at a time.

American Supply is proud to sell Minute Man Anchors,Straps and Systems. Made in the USA, and Manufactured in North Carolina. If you want it to be there when you get home, tie it down with Minute Man Anchors and Systems.

The number and type of anchor and tie down straps required for your home will very depending on what state, wind zone and local regulations apply. Before you order, inquire about what your local inspection department requires for your area. American Mobile Home Supply has all engineering data and approvals on file. Call or e-mail for installation instructions and approval codes for your State, location and wind zone.

Install on I-Beam on each end. Total of four. Most inspectors want no more than two feet open end spacing. Frame tie is attached to one of the four bolts. Later model mobile homes may already have longitudinal clips or holes for longitudinal straps from factory. Request installation instructions when ordering.

Additional Information

Weight 2.92 lbs