Flex Mend 30″X 100′

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Flex Mend 30″ x 100′ Non Adhesive 

FINALLY , a neat, fast, permanent and inexpensive way to mend holes, cuts and tears in mobile home bottom closure materials!!

Neat – A Flex Mend patch is almost invisible when used to repair damaged bottom material

Repairs holes, cuts and tears from plumbing repairs, weak seams and damage from cats & other animals.

Flex-Mend is a revolutionary new mending product that matches the appearance and texture of bottom closure materials used by most manufactures in the mobile home industry today. Flex Mend is a woven polyethylene film currently meeting all requirements for use as bottom board.

Installation Note: This Flex Mend Product is non-adhesive. To install you will need spray-type adhesive or out-ward clench staples. If adhesive backing is preferred, see part # 606206

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