AC Coil Cleaner-Solvent

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Aerosol Solvent Coil Cleaner 18 oz.  (510 grams)

High solvency cleaning power. High pressure blasting nozzle. Leaves no residue. Dries fact.

This high performance product offers maximum cleaning and degreasing from an aerosol coil cleaner. The high solvency formula quickly and easily dissolves grease, oil, or other residue and deposits while the blasting nozzle powerfully separates  the undesirable materials from the surface. The product can be used on most types of coils and evaporates quickly while requiring little to no wiping or post-use cleanup. The nonflammable, non conductive formula is safe to use on or near live equipment. This product contains no ozone depleters. Always use in a well ventilated area.

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Weight1.3 lbs