Tub And Tile Acrylic Caulk White

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White Tub and Tile Acrylic Caulk 

5.5 ounce squeeze tube

Tub and tile acrylic caulk seals around tubs, showers and sinks.

Water clean up. Uncured sealant can be easily removed using water.

Mildew resistant

Acrylic Tub ‘N’ Tile Caulk was developed for use around showers, baths, tubs, tiles, back splashes and sinks. Due to its excellent adhesion and flexibility it can be used on baseboards, door frames, windows, crown molding and any joint or gap where a weather tight seal is needed.


• Sealing around sinks

• Sealing around back splashes

• Sealing around showers, baths and tubs

• Sealing corner joints, baseboards and trim

• Sealing around tiles

• Sealing anywhere a weather tight seal is desired

A minimum of 2 hours dry time is required before painting with latex or oil base paint.

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Weight 0.6 lbs

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