Anchor Double Bolt Head with 5/8″ Expansion Bolt

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EXPANSION Anchor w/ 5/8″ BOLT

Sometimes called a red head, this anchor is ideal for poured and cured concrete footers and outside foundation walls. Double head for two bolts (not included) painted red. A 5/8″ hole must be drilled in the concrete to allows easy installation of included expansion bolt and nut. Install anchor head, tighten bolt and your’re done. Zinc coated bolt prevents rust. Sold 48 per box or one at a time. Anchor bolts not included.

The number and type of anchor required for your home will very depending on what state, wind zone and local regulations apply. Before you order, inquire about what your local inspection department requires for your area. American Mobile Home Supply has all engineering data and approvals on file. Call or e-mail for installation instructions and approval codes for your State and location.

For installation in CURED concrete pored footings and foundation walls.

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