Kidde® Firex Smoke Alarm 120 Volt

Sku: 808201

Kidde® Firex Smoke Alarm

120 Volt Quick connect AC wire harness included

Test/Reset button to verify alarm operation and Hush®

Easy Installation

1. Large mounting base makes mounting easier, protects surface paint from dirt and covers imperfections.

2. Pre-stripped wiring harness with easy off cap does not require stripper tool. Tinned strands increase conductivity and wire nut grip.

Fewer Callbacks

1. One button design for easy operation and less confusion. Operates Hush® and alarm test.

2. Dust cover protects sensor from contaminants during construction reducing nuisance alarms.

User-Friendly Features

1. Tamper resist locking feature deters battery and alarm theft.

2. Alarm memory flashes red LED indicating which unit was the initiating alarm in interconnected system.

3. Interconnectable with up to 24 devices (of which 18 can be initiatin) including smoke, CO and heat alarms. See user’s guide for complete instructions.

Technical Specifications

Electrical Rating: 120 VAC, (60HZ, 80 mA max)

Audio Alarm: 85dB

Temp Range: 40°F (4.4°C) to 100°F (37.8°C)

Humidity Range: up to 85% relative humidity (RH)

Sensor: Ionization

Wiring: Quick connect plug with 8″ pigtails

Warranty: 10 year

model# 21006374

Additional Information

Weight 0.55 lbs